Betty, the main character of the short film, is a young energetic and determined woman, who decides to re-introduce bees in a polluted environment. She will find an ally in Citadelle, a charming bee who will help Betty in her work.


Directed by alumnies of 2nd year in Animated Film 3D, its goal is to raise awarness to bee protection. "Beehave" is an animated film by the initiative of the UNAF, in the Bee, environment snetinel's program.  il a pour but de sensibiliser à la protection des Abeilles et des Pollinisateurs. "Beehave » est un film d’animation à l’initiative de l’UNAF (Union Nationale de l’Apiculture Française) dans le cadre du programme Abeille, Sentinelle de l’environnement® .